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Common Types of Locks Which are Used for Homes

Locks are the safety measure for any homeowner. All of us use the lock system in our everyday life but none of us know the types of locks that can be used for different kinds of doors.

Every lock has its advantages and disadvantages and usage. A particular lock is designed for a specific requirement. First of all, you need to know several kinds of locks and their usages to take care of each and everything.

Without knowing the type of locks you cannot decide which lock you need and how to deal with it. So refer below-given information and educate about different types of locks systems along with lock repairs and mechanism.

City Locksmith
City Locksmith

A Few Common Types of Lock System

There are Three Types of Locks

  1. Deadlocks
  2. Deadbolts
  3. Deadlatches
  • Deadlocks-
    This is the most common types of locks. You can find these locks in almost every big and a small home. The locking mechanism of this lock is based on the spring. Two different types of cylinders are attached to the lock systems. It will accept a key from the one side to unlock the mechanism. The system provides enough security to prevent thieves in your home. Further at emergency, it can be opened from the other side by putting the key without any hassle.
  • Deadbolts-
    These are the more secure locks act in the same manner as deadlocks but with an advanced mechanism. Though the function is the same but here it extends to the wall in the door. These types of locks are mostly used in commercial and big residential houses for better security. These types of locks are mostly used at the door handle. While we lock the door the metal bolt is pushed and thus the system works.
  • Deadlatches-
    These are also known as automatic lock system where you do not need a key to lock the door. It is made for more security for homes with children. You cannot make a duplicate key for yourself to operate this lock. This lock is best suited for the persons who are in a hurry or want to lock your home instantly. When you close the door it helps to secure your door lock behind you. It, of course, provides better security and hassle-free to lock.

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