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Locks Installation
Locks installation : For lock installation at your doors, garage or any other place where it is required, City Locksmith can help you the best. We have a team of the best locksmith in Adelaide, which can easily install all types of lock system like commercial locks, digital locks and fingerprint locks etc. Thanks to our mobile service as technicians come to you and discuss your unique needs. No matter what kind of door lock installation you need, you can get it done from us.
Locks replacement and repair : Do not panic about the security of your stuff as the lock is old or in a damaged condition. We at City Locksmith provides the best professionals for lock replacement and repair. Our professionals are well known to the function of all types of locks, thus we can easily replace or repair them. Our locksmith comes to you with all the needs of the service. The type of lock does not matter for our locksmiths, so you can call us for this service.
Locks replacement and repair
Door lock picking
Door lock picking : Stuck in the lock or you have lost the keys, our Door lock picking service can help you in the best way. Our professionals can easily open any lock without a key and any damage to lock with your due permission.
Duplication of existing keys : We have got the quick and best method for making duplicate keys for the locks. If you are having one key and need more or duplicate key for the lock you have without a key, we can help you with all these conditions. We are only to help you with the good purpose, do not use our service for the illegal or unauthorised duplication of others lock.
Duplication Of Existing Keys
Removal of broken and stuck keys
Removal of broken and stuck keys : Locksmith Adelaide team can help in the removal of broken and stuck keys. The situation can be with anyone, do not try your method as it may result in damage to lock. Our professionals are known for the safe removal of the broken and stuck keys and we will be the best choice for this service.
Master key security system : Master key security system installation will keep your house, office and business completely safe and secure. It provides fewer keys for more locks so that you can handle the keys easily side by side maintaining high-class security. This system is mainly for commercial locks.
Master key security system
Sliding door lock
Sliding door lock : Sliding doors are the choice of many people as it is easy to operate. Get installed with the sliding door lock from us and keep operating without any security risk to the stuff inside. We have the best collection of sliding door lock. Need to be careful, as the sliding doors can mistakenly remain open with closed slides.
Garage door lock : Garage being the storage place for others valuable as well as the tools used by you for the work. There is a need for a high-security lock for such sites. Our City Locksmith team can help you the best in choosing the most secure lock for your garage as well as installing it perfectly to keep your things safe.
Garage Door Locks
Security Door Locks
Security door locks : Security door is the main door for entry to the room. This is extremely required to have the best security to the things kept in. The locks on security doors are aligned with multiple levels so when someone intrudes you get notified. We have the best locksmith for installing this and making full-proof security for your valuables.
Keyless entry system : With the advancement of technology, we have got locks which do not need any keys. It does not mean that anyone can get in. There are other options to open it which can be a card, fingerprint or some specific codes which are fixed by the owner of the place. So it makes a swift and secure entry system. You can also get alarmed for the unknown entry. There will be no cases of loss of the key or forget to carry it.
Keyless entry system