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Which Option is Best for you Replacing Locks or Rekeying?

There are multiple reasons that would help you in contributing to changing the locks. Hence, securing the entryways of your house would help you to keep your possessions secure. However, another reason for replacing the locks would be there could be countless copies of your master key that can provide access to your property. This also opens up the possibility that anyone could enter your house any time by making duplicate keys. On the other hand, rekeying the locks would also help you to provide similar outcomes. Many homeowners are there who are not able to realize that rekeying the lock would be effective like replacing all the locks of your house. However, rekeying is referred to as a much cheaper option in comparison to replacing the locks. 

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is known to be a process that is used by lock repairs experts for making new keys for your locking system. The entire process includes the opening of lock and removing the existing springs as well as pins present inside your lock. The new ones then replace the old pins and springs. However, the different configuration of new pins also means that no old keys would be able to unlock or lock your door. Instead of this the new keys, as well as copies of new keys, would only work. 

The best thing is that most of the locks can have their springs and pins replaced, so rekeying the lock would be a great option. In addition, as the actual lock need not be removed and a new one installed in the lock system. The process is quite cheap and quick than completely replacing your lock. 

The major benefit of choosing the rekeying process provided by lock repair experts and it can be taken one step ahead and you might choose to use master key configuration for different locks. This also means that you would be able to have a single key for your entire house. Every door can be controlled by a different key, which usually operates a specific lock. This is a great method for people having multiple properties but would like to carry a single key for accessing all of them. 

Why Choose Rekeying?

Hence, choosing to rekey your house lock would help you to access the following advantages: 

  • Creates new and different key for the lock and render other keys
  • Improves the security of your house
  • Rekeying could also be done almost every lock
  • It is cheaper as well as quicker than replacing the locks for producing same amount of outcome. 

Why do you need to choose us?

It is suggested by City Locksmith experts to choose rekeying over the installation of new locks in your house. However, it is recommended by the experts making duplicate keys suggest that it would not be the case to change the locks. This is because the locks that would have been broken or old would not get benefit from rekeying process.